Monday, 18 November 2013

Squeaky's School Year

Last week was Ayisha's last week of school. Ayisha's been away so much during the year that in total, she's probably been in school for about 6 months or so. She missed out on a lot of exciting activities, trips & celebrations that I do feel bad about but Michael would always snap me out of it with "she's only 4 lah". 

However, we did try to make it to some of the more important ones; her end-of-year concert being one of them. We came back 2 days before her concert so she only had 2 short days to practise. Her teachers told me before we left that they'd make sure Ayisha would be able to participate even in a small role and the school was even nice enough to wait for us to come back for the full dress rehearsals. 

So the day of the concert came & I was all so excited to see what was this 'small' role of hers. The concert started with the youngest kids' performances, which was Ayisha's class - the 4 year olds. I saw some familiar faces of her classmates but she wasn't there. They were singing & dancing for about 5 minutes and it was mentioned that it took them 3 weeks to practice for their show, so I knew they wouldn't have made Ayisha joined in that one with just 2 days to fit her in. 

So we waited. Eli started off from being all clappy, jumpy & pointing to the stage and dancing to the music, to having his nap & waking up again. In the end, on the very last performance.... 

Taaa - daaa!!!! She appeared!! 

Little Miss Sunshine, no?

 As the SUN! :) And she stood there, all so cute & still. Very very still. The whole time..

I found out later that she was supposed to dance around a little bit but when I asked her after, she said she forgot her moves. Her teacher said that on rehearsal day, she was really quick to pick up the dance moves & was dancing just fine. Her teacher added that she thinks the speaker that was placed right in front of her might be too loud and made her uncomfortable. 

Well, she was right. 

1-2 days after the concert, Ayisha was singing and dancing to her concert songs and when I asked again what happened to her on the day, she said 'it was too loud mummy, it hurt my heart'. 

Coupled with the fact that she didn't have 3 weeks to practice & being just 4 years of age, a little bit of it MIGHT be a case of stage fright, I think. It happened in Bali, with her performances at Little Stars kindergarten, remember? And it also happened not too long ago, this year, at her school's sports day performance. 

Well to be fair, she was sick a few days before her sports day. So it might be a little bit of that as well. But she had lots of practice with her friends & apparently did really well during rehearsals. They were supposed to sing and dance a medley of songs before doing the sports events. The one that she loves the most is called "Bintang di Langit /Stars in the Sky". She performed this song almost everyday for Eli & I weeks before her sports day. She nailed it.

So what happened on the day? 

We were sitting right in front of where she was standing and they started singing the national anthem and marching to some songs. But as soon as she saw me, she went all pale & muttered 'sakit perut/tummy ache' over & over again. Me being the overly concerned mummy ran down and took her to the toilet. Of course, nothing happened. So I rushed her back cause I knew that her 'Bintang di Langit' song would come out soon.

Her 'sakit perut' face

Few minutes later she looked at me again 'sakit perut, mummy'. I was trying to avoid eye contact but she was getting paler & paler so I ran down again and rushed her to the toilet. 

Again, nothing happened. 2 seconds later, her song came up and boy was I crushed. I hated the fact that she practised so hard all these while, only to miss her moment. 

But you know what? She did have her moment. Right there and then, in the toilet, between squatting & flushing the toilet, she was singing and dancing to the music, doing her little show. No more pale face just the biggest smile, all for me. And everything else didn't matter. :p

 Aaanyways, her sports day continued after that. She was supposed to do her event twice - running to the middle, pick up a toy and putting it in the basket at the end. But because she was unwell, she couldn't do it as fast so only did it once. She did try her very best & tried to run and her team got 3rd place. yeayy! There was only 3 teams but still, yeayy!!

We left immediately after & missed the prize giving ceremony. She continued being sick few days after that :( 

But when she's back at school, she was super duper excited to get her trophy!

Look how happy!! :)
Another event that we managed to join was her Space Themed Teacher's Day celebration. Ayisha wanted to be an astronaut so I went all out. I googled & youtubed DIY space costumes and bought a lot of shiny silver-colored materials. I even recruited Michael & made him take a day off work to help out. So kiasu, I know. At the end of the day, we were both kiasu parents thinking we're the best & most creative parents out there.

Isn't this the coolest? :p

Well, we were so wrong. 

When I dropped her off the next day, the kids came in all different shapes & colors. I was so very amazed (whilst trying to hide my 'how lah to get best costume??' face) at how extremely terrific all these other costumes were. Some were sparkly, some very colourful. Lots came complete with face paintings & tentacles & tails and all. A few astronauts around & a LOT of aliens. Our supposedly winner creation looked a little bit plain, actually. Haih. 

Ayisha was so excited, nevertheless. Her face, her excitement and just how proud she looked showing off her costume to her teachers & friends, that's what matters I guess...(dalam hati still hoping to get best dressed prize haha!) 

When she came home, she did nab 3rd place for best costume prize so...YIPPEE!! We rocked! :p

On her last week, she had her Indian Cultural Day. Again, I went crazy and took her to JB's very own Little India in town and tried out some colorful dresses. She chose this purple & pink one! I thought she looked just lovely. 

Of course, all the other mothers were overly awesome lah. Their kids came with glitters & bangles & braided scarfs & flowers on their head and hennas on their hands. Pfft... 

Overall, I am pretty happy with the school, the teachers and how much Ayisha truly enjoyed her time there with her friends. I love the chemistry that I had with the school from the very beginning. They understood and was being flexible with us not being able to commit Ayisha to a full year. I also appreciated how they focused a lot on learning through play as I wasn't really keen on the sit-down, blackboard method with a lot of homework to take home, especially for a 4 year old. 

At the end of the day, I just wanted Ayisha to make some new friends, experience & learn some new things & have lots of fun doing them. I hope that she did!


Amz said...

Sakit perut ... hehe, nerveous eh, like.. butterflies in tummy?
Yan, rajin nyer ko buat costume bagai utk Ayisha. Ibu2 ni mmg kekadang over excited kan.. En K pun baru last weekend bebel kat aku - "macam2 lah Mummy ni, nak beli itu lah, ini lah (utk lawatan taska Ayra)"... hehehe.

Yan said...

Norr: exactly! butterflies in tummy! hehehe..