Wednesday, 10 April 2013

That's What She Said

On mummy's baking skills when I offered to bake her cake for this year's birthday,

"I think it's a little bit tricky for you, Mummy. Let Grandma make the cake ok?"

On what she wanted to be when she grows up,

A: When I grow up, I want to be an astronaut. I will put on my suit and walk on space and ride the spaceship.
Me: Did you learn that at school?
A: No. Lily told me. (you know, her imaginary friend who apparently lives in Japan)

On not wanting to wear her tudung (scarf) to school,

"I like my curly hair, I don't wanna wear tudun. I'll wear it when I'm bigger ok? When I'm 4"

On why she cries when we arrive at school,

"Im a bit shy mummy. And a bit sad cos I miss you so much" (me cry!!!!)

On learning Malay,

"Mummy,  Adoi means sakit (painful). That's what all my friends say when they 're hurt. Like this, ADOI!!" (with hand on her head)

On wanting more chocolates,

"mummy, I'm still hungry. See, my tummy's still grumbling"

On not finishing her meal

"I've had enough. I only have a small tummy"

On not wanting to go up the stairs

"Daddy!! my legs are" ( mummy jek)

On cutting her own hair,

"Don't worry mummy, my hair is still boingy. See??" (whilst showing her other bouncy curls in a boing boing movement)

On wanting to go to the toilet,

"Sakit perut! Sakit perut!"/ tummy ache (all the way to the toilet) 

On tidying up after playtime

"Look what you've done little boy!  Such a terrible mess!" (eh, Eli plak..)

On accidentally poo-poo'ing in her pants

"It's ok mummy, it's just an accident.."

On another of our poo-poo conversation,

"Mummy! I did lots of poo poo. A big one. It's the biggest one I've ever seen!!!

by: Miss Anonymous


Azlinda Azlan said...

hadoi... ada jek jawapan minah ni yek, bijak.... bijak....

p/s: yey! banyak post baru *aku suka* :D

Yan said...

Azq!!! i miss u! n citer2 klako ko...hapdet pls!! :-P

Rozita said...

Bijak cik kak ni dgn segala macam alasan..hehehe..

Yan said...

hahah..ha'ah mmg tak bley blah...:p

Anonymous said...

Kak Yan, I have been a silent reader for ages. Bak kata uncle lee (moonlightrendezvous) 'it is rude to be a silent reader macam masuk rumah orang tak bagi salam'. So salam kenal and am waiting for more post. Boleh demanding pulak kan.


Yan said...

Hi Micha! Kelako le pasal bagi salam tu..hehe..thanks for leaving a comment! nice to know..:) err, new post..tungguuuuu!!

ishamizu said...

Hehe so clever! :)

Yan said...

Ishamizu: hehe..thanks for stopping by!