Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Read 1 Book a Month..

..at least!!!

 This is one of the things that's on my list. Oh and note-to-self: Ayisha's Princess & Dora books do not count, ok.

Many years ago, when I was actively trying to excel in one of those Multi Level Marketing thingy (hint: A****y), I heard this quote for the first time: 

 “Five years from today, you will be the same person that you are today, except for the books you read and the people you meet.” 

 ..and it has stuck with me. Since then, I have always had it in my to-do list. It started out rather ambitiously with 2 books per week (whoaah!)  especially during those pre-marriage & pre-babies years. But I've never been able to tick them off the list, ever. Last year it was down to 2 books a month. Didn't happen either. *hampeh* So let's hope this year is the year!

Actually, I have my moments with books. Sometimes I can go months without remembering the last book I read and other times I'd find myself reading 3-4 books in a month (ok, this refers to the Twilight series lah..ok ok and 50 Shades..shhhhhh) 

My point - I'm not an avid reader and I'd like to be one. And not just of vampire books & gossip magazines! 

The year started off pretty good. Well, don't we all achieve plenty in  January???  

I actually did manage to finish this book for the 1st month of 2013.  


I got it for Christmas from Michael who knows I'm borderline obsessed with the whole Freemasonry, Illuminati, New World Order, Conspiracy Theories bla bla. So I read it straightaway. 

My review? It was ok. Lots of information on codes and symbols. Too much maybe. Quite informative but none of the conspiracy theories answered, of course. Like are Madonna & Despicable Me part of the Illuminati plans? :p 


Whilst still in the month of January, I started this book after hearing so many good things about it from so many different people.

My review? Well, can't really say yet because I just picked it up again 1/2 hour ago and the bookmark's still on Chapter 4. But I know it's not because the book is boring or anything like that but rather because we were close to leaving Oz at the time & I was starting to get busy with packing again and have been pretty slack since we got back to Malaysia. *sigh*

By the by, did you notice my very old & dingy bookmark there? I've had it for ages & it's my favourite bookmark in the whole world! The bottom bit got torn  by Ayisha. She was actually trying to be helpful because the plastic bit was already more than half way torn just begging to be ripped off so she pulled it right off. But still, I almost cried. :( The missing bit had a picture of a kitten & a puppy sleeping behind that big book that the dog was leaning against.

Don't worry, we'll still be here when you get back

It was given to me a long time ago when I first left Malaysia to study in Australia and I cried when I turned it over...

see the cute puppy & kitten??
At the bottom it was signed "The cutest for ever, Wa & Limah" my 2 younger sisters that I left behind...

CUTE right?

ps: in case anyone's wondering, no I did not excel and make millions in that MLM thingy. Tee hee :p

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Amz said...

good resolution Yan.
Aku pun dah tak ingat the last book yg aku baca. Ape eh? Teruk lah sekarang ni..