Saturday, 20 April 2013

Chubby Chubs

Ok, I admit. As much as I wanted to update daily, I just can't do it. I can give a million excuses right now i.e.. me sick, Ayisha sick, daddy sick, my mum sick blablabla but the truth is, whenever I do get a little bit of time on the computer, I consciously (most times I was just unconscious) choose sleep. 

Also, when you blog, u bloghop right, that's part of the fun. So I would find myself catching up on all those blogs I've followed and and and... I just started reading some new blogs like BarelySupermommy & Modg and they're just so so good it's so hard to stop. So how? *sigh* 

So I'm proposing to myself a more realistic goal. At least 1 posting a week. How's that? Let's move on shall we? 

I haven't written about Eli's development much so here goes. Chubs, as Michael lovingly nicknamed him, for obvious reasons, is almost 11 months and is growing up too fast. 

He's really waving now, not graceful at all with hands flapping everywhere but super cute. He's blowing kisses too but you really have to be going/leaving. For real. He won't blow kisses if you're not going anywhere. He's also giving sloppy open mouthed kisses too. If you're lucky you'll get the "mmmm-uaaah" sound. So far, mummy le the only lucky one. Ok, sometimes daddy and kakak too lah. The most special kiss happened on the 31st March (cheh note in diary siap). It was the day that Eli suddenly crawled towards me, climbed on top and planted a big fat 'mmmm-uaaahh' kiss on me!! I felt so very loved & almost cried. 

He laughs & laughs when tickled, when playing peekaboo and when dancing with mummy. I must have some funny moves. But nothing beats him laughing his heart out at Ayisha's antics - be it when she's forcing Eli to sit & watch her do her show, making funny faces or simply walking past him with a little skip & hop & 'Hi Eli!' He'd be squealing from too much excitement. He absolutely adores her. 

"baby brothers love their big sisters ever so much"

He loves rolling around with Ayisha, trying to grab her clothes, hair & anything he can get hold of and hugging her and sometimes biting her. Ayisha would freak out but she's been pretty good at not fighting him back. Just resisting him gently & pushing him away. Most times just using words to get him to stop in her mak nenek/nagging ways. 

Trucks & trains doesn't excite him as much as Dora, Cinderella & other dollies as well as the bottles & dummies that come with playing babies. He loves brushing their hair and would sometimes put the brush up his head, moving his hand up & down. Oh and he also loves making sure every single thing that's on the table or the couch is scattered all over the floor. yeayy! 

When he gets impatient, he'll bite me. Most of the time on my shoulder when I'm carrying him. If only I could do the same when I need something asap! He is noisy & LOUD. Ayisha squeaks & squeaks all through toddlerhood and rarely cries but Eli grunted as a baby & slowly but surely developed all different kinds of loud - noisy humming before sleep, sudden high pitched cry whilst he was asleep, squeals & screams & cries when he's excited, happy or frustrated. All so loudly. Like, embarrassing-mummy loud.  

He's lots more active than Ayisha. He crawls, climbs, tries to walk - with support. Sometimes when he sees Ayisha running he would just let go of whatever it is that he's hanging on to and wanting so much to follow her. Luckily most of the time I was nearby to catch or stop him from falling flat on the floor. He'll then pull my finger & terkedek-kedek would try to catch up with Ayisha. Then he gets impatient and then guess who gets bitten? 

He points a lot with his pointer finger and goes 'tu' or 'der' at everything. Pretty cute but when mummy had to go downstairs to get water in the middle of the night and he starts pointing out the window - so not cool. 

Loads of people said he's Michael Jr but one thing that I would like to point out proudly is that his big teeth (gigi kapak) on the top, comes from me, hokey! Woohoo! 

He's got rhythm. Loves to shake his booty to any sound of music, fast or slow. The thing is, I don't find myself singing nursery rhymes to him as much as I did with Ayisha. Must be the girl-boy thingy. But he looooves it. 

He loves his food, Ayisha's food and everybody else's for that matter. Keropok ikan/fish crackers has to be his favorite snack ever. He's been drinking from a sippy cup like such a big boy and recently he's figured out the joy of sipping from a straw. So he's obsessed with Ayisha's purple straw drink bottle.

Early training for my future driver



athirah Safarudin said...

comelnye ank akk ni geramnye

Yan said...

hi Athirah! thanks for stopping by :)

Amz said...

hi yan,

dah besar dah Eli. tomey.
part yg finger pointing tu.. ape kah??

Yan said...

Norr!!! how are u???!! mmg scary hokey tgh2 mlm tunjuk2 aku wat dunno jek n lariii! hhahaha

Anonymous said...

omg..cutenya gambar sikat rambut tu..

Yan said...

Anon: that's my fav pic! hehe