Monday, 8 April 2013

Christmas in Sydney - 2012

I'm having a pat-myself-on-the-back moment, -2 postings in 2 days. So far, so good..woohoo!

Christmas was awesome.

Can anyone guess who's Papa Santa this time?


Ayisha got pampered with lots & lots of presents, as per usual.

This is the dessert spread.

See that sexy looking golden topping, whipped cream filling trifle on the left?

I made that. Yeahaa..

It's banana toffee trifle, recipe taken from Better Homes & Garden. Super easy & crazy delish. I swear to you, EVERYONE loved it.  To date I've made it 4 times and I get the same responses every time. I don't know if I'll ever go back to making my mum's trifle again.

You know what? It's that easy I could tell you right now how to make it. Not to worry about the amount of ingredients whatsoever cos it's totally up to you. Can't go wrong with this one. Ready?

Ingredients (by layer)

1) 6 Crunchie chocolate bars
- or any chocolate bars with honeycomb, chopped into pieces. Save some for topping at the end.

2) 4 bananas
,- sliced & coated with some lemon juice

3) Chopped hazelnuts
- All 4 times I've used almonds cos couldn't find hazelnuts

4) Toffee sauce
- easily found in supermarkets in Oz. In Malaysia, they have this at Tesco. If you can't find toffee sauce, I've made this using caramel sauce and it tasted just as good. You can make it using condensed milk.

5) Whipped cream

6) Rolo chocolates
- or other chocolates with caramel filling inside, chopped

7) Flakes chocolates
- or any other than you can crumble or finely chopped/sliced

8) Sugar
- to make the fancy decorative spun toffee. Apparently it's quite easy to do. I couldn't be bothered so for the one above, I made someone else spun it :p. But it truly does make it look oh-so exquisite.


- Layer 1) -5) twice or more depending on how tall/big your dish is.
- Topped with 6) & 7) and a little bit of 1)
- Drizzle a little bit of 4) on top
- Make it fancy with 8)

After Christmas, the Laidlers went to a holiday house in Minnamurra & stayed there to celebrate the New Year.

This holiday house rocks!!

Behind them the awesome beach house..and its facing...

.. ta-daaa...beach is just right there, taken from the same spot

and of course we needed the pool and the shade!

pool time with Poppy

Eating sand

We love this house so much!!

We celebrated New Year's Eve at the beach house. Well, the others did. I was asleep with Eli. Old, I know. I soo wanted to see the fireworks tho..haih..

The beach house was great and the kids had loads of fun. The only bad thing about our stay there was that almost all of us, kids included, got sick from some kind of stomach bug that caused vomiting & diarrhoea and it seemed to be passed on from one to another throughout our whole stay there. My MIL and I got it the last night we were there and it was just horrible. But other than that, the beach house was absolutely fantastic.

The following week, while Eli & I went visiting my sister & her family in Sunshine Coast, Michael & Ayisha spent some time with the kangaroos at the caravan park.

I haven't been to the caravan park for ages and this was a first time for Ayisha. She was totally loving the whole trailer park living..hehehe

Other times were spent hanging out at Grandma & Poppy's place. It was during these times, at 7 months old, Eli started to, for the 1st time:

- cut his 1st teeth, then the 2nd (now he has 5!)
- getting ticklish everywhere
- eating loads of his firsts including salmon, lamb, avocados, vegemite, grass, hair, magazines and I think, I think,....bits of a cockroach erk...
- giggle & laugh & blowing bubbles
- move himself commando stlye (now he's crawling on his knees, climbing & diving)
- totally get peekaboo
- wave goodbye (he somehow stopped doing that now tho..isk..)
- say DADADDA! (now also kakakakak and mamammama and blablabla :p)
- pull himself up 

..and Ayisha, likes to verangan  (pretend-playing/day-dreaming) a lot!!

And at the end of January, we were off again....

at Sydney airport

..and we haven't been to an airport since. Surprise surprise..:p


Rozita said...

Anak akak pun sekarang ni memang sebijik sama macam Ayisha...suka verangan jadi princess lah..nyanyi sambil main gitar lah..hahaha...

Yan said...

hahahah...kelako kan??? amek le video byk2 pastu keek! ;))