Friday, 26 April 2013

About a Girl

Ayisha is turning 4 in two months. Not long now and she's such a big girl. She goes to the toilet all by herself, no problems. So proud of her. This is after months & months of 'accidentally' poo poo'ing in her undies, mind you. So, go Squeaky go!! 

I like having conversations with her and having girly girly talks like girlfriends do. So much to talk about. Tho sometimes when she's busy doing her own thing, only mummy do the talking lah. She also mumbles a lot - bebel2 to herself then when I asked what she's saying, most of the time she'd answer "I say nothing". Bit sad lah cause I want her to be able to tell me everything! So if at 3 she's already not telling me stuff, then 10 years from now how??

It's funny how when they wanted to talk to you, you keep 'hang on, hang on, later, wait a minute' them. Then when you miss them and craving so much of their attention, they just ignore & give the 'talk to hand, mummy' look. I still feel so guilty sometimes for not giving her more attention, eventhough sometimes I do let Eli cry to tend to Ayisha's needs first. Just have to remember to play and be silly with her lots & lots more times.

I also love getting her opinion on things and find out what she thinks of things. I love how she gets emotional watching some TV shows. Tho sometimes a bit too much. Like the other day I was watching bits & pieces from The Joy Luck Club and there's a scene where the girl was crying outside her house in the rain & the husband left. So she asked what happened & I explained as simple as I can what went wrong. She then suddenly started crying & sobbing, like seriously sad sad cry 'My husband left me too!!!!' Hoih.. Drama drama drama!

Well, every morning is a little drama with Ayisha. This morning I dropped her off to school hoping she'd not cry & carry on after bribing her with a toy yesterday. Of course it didn't work. Didn't you know you're not supposed to bribe your child, woman?!!

Well I thought it might be different this time cause she pinky promised! You know, like Gru in Despicable Me - "ooh yeah, my pinky promises" she would say. Then when I asked why she still cries, even though she pinky promised me, she said;

"My pinky is a bit sad mummy, she wants to go home too that's why." *aaarghhhh*

So yeah, it's coming to May and she still cries when I dropped her off. She's getting more & more dramatic and the cries & screams are getting louder.  Ok, in our defense, she only started in February because we were still in Oz in January and we've been taking her off school quite a lot to go to KL etc so altogether she's probably been in school for less than 2 months.; this month being close to a full month straight that she's in school. But still, tell that to the mums & dads who gave me the "what the what!" stares when they saw me ignoring Ayisha's cries. Haih..

However, everytime I pick her up, she's always so happy and seems to be enjoying her day. The teachers would assure me that she was absolutely fine soon after as well. So, it's not like she's miserable the whole time at school, in which case I would consider stopping sending her.  It's just the early morning drop off that's causing dramas.

The thing is, every morning waking up for school, she's sort of like in auto pilot mode. I would wake her up, put her in the shower, brush her teeth, put her clothes on and all the while she'd have her eyes closed. But she doesn't show any resistance at all. She'd happily cooperate and let me do whatever, even brushing her hair! (yeay!!) So, there was no struggle there. This would continue all the way in the car, obligingly sitting in her carseat, eyes still closed.

And then....

The beast woke up.

When we got there, the sad & frown face appear and when we reach the door, the crying & screaming would start. Luckily I've had practice leaving her all those times in Bali at her Little Stars Playschool. So mummy's kinda like a pro now, just quick hug, no turning back and drive away!

The weird thing is, sending her to school for swimming lessons is a breeze. See the school also does swimming once a week and we have no problems with that at all. When asked why, she'd say;

"Swimming best mummy, school tak best"

She said she likes her teachers & her friends, she simply just doesn't want to go to school and would rather stay home with mummy & Eli. So I don't know. Maybe she's just not a morning person!

Every morning like this mah

After school, ok what...make gingerbread man some more!

Oh well, let's hope things get better next week!

Quick updates on her brother:

1. Yesterday he stood by himself, unsupported for a good 5-10 seconds!! Is he walking soon? Panic attacks!

2. He also knows to turn & swing his body around to go down the stairs. So so cute lah!

we dancing soon, yeah??


Anonymous said...

I was like that back in kinder. I'd start crying the minute my father disappeared. I remember the thought of not being able to go home by myself if my father don't pick me up afterwards. The kinder was just like 300 meters away =)


Yan said...

Micha: laaa sedeynyaaa....hihi..

Amz said...

Anak aku, 2 days in kindy, then terus tak nak pergi sampai sekarang. Malas nak force2, coz she's not even 4 yet.

AliceLee said...

Excellent stuff with wonderful information! I'm new here and loving the post which is about Australian life! Thanks for sharing this great info!


Rozita said...

Sebijik sama cam anak akak. Mesti nak drama drama sebelum gi kindy. Nasib baik masuk bulan ke2 dah takde drama dah...

crakylife said...

hi yan,

I do enjoy reading all your blog.
terjumpa lepas berangan2 pegi AU sambung study :)
keep on posting ok?