Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Kicap Manis Cap Kipas Udang

It's not often that we cross the bridge to get out of the Shire. This is because Michael claims that there's no need to leave cos you can get EVERYTHING you need in his beloved birth place. Of course, I am here to lovingly prove him wrong. There's 2 things that i've been wanting to do lately that's NOT in the Shire - 1) go to IKEA and 2) get kicap manis cap kipas udang.

I wanted to go to IKEA because (do we really need a reason to go to IKEA? hehe) well, just to get an idea of what we need for our new house. Id also like to compare prices with stuff in the Shire cos some of IKEA's items can be pretty cheap. We weren't gonna buy anything till we move in but we do need to get stuff for our bathroom reno that we plan to do before moving in.

IKEA here is EXACTLY the same as in KL, inside and out. The only upset is that the $1 hotdog here contains beef & pork! boooooooooo! So we did our full IKEA loop and only bought a mirror cabinet for our bathroom which turned out to be cheaper than in the Shire. We left as quickly as possible to avoid the $1 hotdog temptation. :p

We then went to the Good Luck Supermarket asian grocery at Flemington markets, about 5 mins from IKEA, for my kicap manis! I was running out of kicap manis after making my telur goreng masak kicap for dinner the other day (suamiku tak tau yg this is a paling sempoi & pemalas dish so shhhhhhh!:p) and the one asian shop in the Shire sells only cap ABC, which im not a fan of. Cap kipas udang rocks!!

Ive only been to Good Luck supermarket once before with Yuz after finding out she's got a bottle at home. And i think at that time i only went in, got the kicap and left cos we're in a hurry. This time, I went with Michael. When we entered the parking area, he got a bit excited cos he likes being the only Mat Salleh around. Asians EVERYWHERE man! We had problems parking so i told him i'll just pop out, get the kicap and see him in 5, but NOPE. He wanted to come along. I think he's missing the asian vibe as much as i was and didn't wanna miss out. We even witnessed two asian couples battling for a car spot. One lady even got out of the car and yelled at the other car. Ahh...I felt so at home..:p

Once in the shop, seriously, i was like a 6 year old in a candy store! There's SO much stuff that i wanted to get. I think i checked out EVERY aisle 3 times. We ended up getting lots of Brahim stuff (konon for raya cos we didn't think we'd be out of the Shire till then! :p), fishballs, tofu, mihun & various noodles, bawang goreng, chillies, belacan powder and lots of other little stuff.

Michael was craving mihun goreng and i soo wanted curry laksa. So i made both. :p I didn't get the chance to take pics of my mihun goreng kicap cos we're too hungry but here's my curry laksa pics....

I've been attempting to make this numerous times before but never came out the way i wanted. This time, with the help of all the little Good Luck ingredients, my curry laksa turned out SUPERFINE and soooooo yummmoooooooo!! I so think it's better than our favorite Amcorp Mall curry laksa! hehehe..Okay, i cheated cos i used the yellow curry paste but the fishballs & fishcakes & tofu pok & belacan just made it SO SO delish!


hazyr said...


Cap kipas udang originated from JB kan? Our orang kampung tuh! ;)

Anyway, when I was in the UK, Lingam chili sauce was my thing...must get that from the asian stores, by hook or by crook. But bila dah balik KL, I'm not bothered pun pakai chili sauce apa...pelik kan?

Raudhah HQ said...

Asian shops seem so special when overseas right? It's like being a little bit closer to home. Next time kalau cari cili sos, cari cap BUMI HIJAU, made right here in JB, I think nicer than Sos Lingam coz I think Sos Lingam tu makin lama makin cair...tak besh langsung... Your curry laksa looks soooo yummy, suami mu tak tau ek masakan telur kicap tu paling senang and untuk masa tengah malas eh... hahahaha...kalo laki melayu then laki pulak pandai masak, takleh macam tu, kantoi nanti... ahaks! ;)

Anonymous said...

Just for the record Yan is free to travel anywhere she wishes to go, in or out of the Shire....... ;p

ateen said...

cipek! why do i always have the misfortune of reading about your delish food whenever i happen to be fasting?? WHY?? arghhhhhhhhhh!!!

btw mike, in case u're reading this, u'd do well to ask for more than telur masak kicap next time. heheh

Yan said...

K.Ryzah: JB ke? tak tau plak!! IDUP JB!!!! ahaks! and yep! LINGAM rocks too but tak jumpa ah aritu!

K.Di: dah tak sedap ke Lingam? Bumi Hijau lagikle mana nak carik??!!! :p

Ateen: oit..u want pics or no pics? make up your mind woman!:p

ateen said...

oklah.. i wantch pics. :D

afdal # @ dc said...

Aaahhhh... Linggam sauce is made in Mak Mandin, Pulau Pinang. Kicap manis Kipas Udang operations office-nya dekat BBU, JB.

Linggam sauce masa kat Manor Park London, ada kedai F.A. Cash and Carry, rasanya time tu about 2-3 quid.

Kat sini kicap kipas udang we stocked up masa nak ke DC berkotak-kotak, macam kedai runcit dlm garage. Its a well sought commodity boleh trade in macam Red Indian dengan colonialist John Smith of Jamestown. hahah..

A lil bit of American history..

Raudhah HQ said...

To me Sos Lingam makin lama makin cair, macam cili jus pulak instead of sos. I remember dulu dulu taklah cair sangat. I've switched to Sos Cili Bumi Hijau, ada rasa macam Sos Kitta skets ;)

Yan said...

Dye: Stock satu garage?? dasatnyaa!

K.Di: buat teringin sos kacang Kitta jek! :p urgh..

Idlan said...

You just reminded me I am running out of kicap kipas udang. In Malaysia I'm not too fussed about kicap, but kat sini... takde kicap mmg tak makan nasi lah.

Given that in STF I used kicap to mask the tastelessness of the food, I think its presence in my life here in the UK says everything about my cooking!

Yan said...

idlan: ya betul!!! kat skolah everything with kicap..daging masak kicap pun put kicap osso! :p rindut plak ayam masak lemak,gulp..with kicap of course! :p

AmzKaz said...

perghh... ayam masak lemak cili padi dgn kicap kat sekolah.. terliur aku nehh... ingat sampai sekarang.

faiezspeaks said...

OMG. Cap kipas udang is indeed my saviour. Now tinggal so sikit and it's my last bottle. NO WHERE to be found here in Amsterdam (let alone the rest of the country).

So... this raya trip to London, I WILL STOCK UP! :D